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Fresh Quilt Vac Discs

Fresh Quilt Vac Discs

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Experience the feeling of clean and crisp bedding with Fresh Quilt Vac Discs. Our citrus floral fragrance, with hints of lemon and eucalyptus, followed by a heart of rose, geranium, and iris, will leave your bedding smelling amazing. The powdery musk, vanilla, and soft woods create a lasting impression.


Vacuum Discs are a brand-new way to fragrance your home. Perfect for homes with pets for that boost of fragrance. 


Each pack contains 4 vacuum discs.

Recommended Use

Simply place one into your vacuum filter, bag or cylinder and vacuum your home the scent will travel through the filters and freshen the whole vacuum and your home.

If on or over the filter, please ensure there is still space for air to escape, so your vacuum cleaner doesn’t overheat.


Some fragrances used smell familiar to popular scents and well-known brands. These products are not made by, endorsed by or in any way affiliated with any other brand. Trademarks and copyrights are the property of the respective manufacturers and/or designers.

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