Wax Melts

What Is A Wax Melt?

A wax melt is a piece of scented wax, similar to a candle without a wick. The come in a wide range of scents. Here at Woman Kynd we have over 100 different scents.

How Do I Use Your Wax Melts?

You can use our wax melts by popping it in a wax burner with a 4hr tealight, we recommend a tea light burner. But you can also use an electric warmer. You can buy yourself a wax burner from our range here.

How Long Do The Scents Last?

Each cube of wax lasts approximately 10 hours.

How Often Should I Change My Wax Melt? 

Two cubes of wax should last approximately 20 hours, which is around five 4 hour tealights.

How Do I Change My Wax Melt?

There are two easy ways to change the wax, the first is to melt the wax completely, once melted use a cotton ball to absorb the wax in the burner and then pop it in the bin. After this give the burner or dish a good clean with soap and water and make sure it is completely dry before putting more wax in the dish. Alternatively light the burner for a couple of minutes until the wax is able to slip out of the dish and pop into the bin.

What Wax Do You Use?

We use a Rapeseed and Coconut Oil Blend, which is not only from a renewable and sustainable crop but vegan friendly, soy free and no animal products are used and no animal testing has been carried out in its manufacture.

Are Wax Melts Reusable?

It is recommended that when the scent throw has gone, that you change your wax melt for a new fresh scent. 

What Is Scent Throw?

Scent throw refers to how well the scent travels within a space.

Why Is My Wax Melt Bubbling?

No need to panic it could be one of many things, it could be that there was a little in your burner, it is important to make sure your burner is dry before use. It may also be that the burner is too hot, or that your tealight is too close to the wax. You need to make sure you are in fact using a wax burner and not an oil burner with your wax melt. As well as only using a 4 hour tealight.

Why Is There Is Clear Smoke Coming From My Wax?

This smoke is perfectly normal and just the scent being thrown, as you use the wax melt the clear smoke will appear less and less.

Can I request a scent?

Of course! Get in touch with us on social media to request a scent @thewomankynd