Behind the Scenes

How we make our melts! 


We buy only top quality fragrance oils, wax, colouring and glitters.

The wax we use is Soy Wax. It is eco friendly and vegan. It produces a clean burn.  Many wax melts are made from synthetic ingredients such as paraffin. It is important to us to use ingredients that are vegan and eco friendly because at the end of the day, there is only one Earth.

We are in the process of eliminating all plastics from production. We are replacing plastic items such as glitter and instead using dried flowers grown ourselves in our very own gardens. We are also eliminating the plastic bags that we wrap our melts in. Recyclable materials are more expensive, that is why we do charge a little bit more, but because of the benefits linked to using recyclable materials, we believe this is reasonable. 


We make all of our melts and powders in one of our team members kitchen! 

Check back for videos we have made of us producing our melts!