New Packaging

You may have noticed that we have had a recent change in packaging for our snap bars, on the journey to find a more sustainable way to package our products we did a lot of research and found a clamshell manufactured in the UK using high-quality rPET. rPET is totally recyclable and contains 86% recycled plastic. The recycled content is a mix of recycled bottle flake (water bottles) and manufacturing waste accumulated in the manufacturer's factory, which they break down and grind into flake to be used into the material.

We chose this material because it is easier to store, it keeps the snap bars looking beautiful for longer, and of course, the main factor is that it is kinder to the Planet.

Each clamshell holds the same amount of highly scented wax (approx 50g) and will still snap. The change in packaging will have no impact on you as customers, and our wax melt snap bars will still be £3 each and 5 for £10.

As always, if you have any questions get in contact with us via email, or DM us on instagram @thewomankynd.




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