Goal Setting for 2022

Goal Setting for 2022

I know I’m a little bit late on this one being that it is January the 5th but with all the bank holidays and the fun and most importantly the rest over the holidays it’s time to sit down and become mindful about the year ahead.

When it comes to new years resolutions many people do not complete them 43% according to the guardian. Mainly because they are unachievable and unsustainable.

This year I will be planning the year ahead very differently than I have other years by using different techniques to increase the likelihood of success.

It is important to stop making it an option, if you think it is something that may happen someday then there’s a high chance that it won’t. How many times have we said we’ll start Monday right? Make moves or excuses! Otherwise, you’ll end up at the end of 2022 wondering what happened and wishing you had tried harder.

Setting a time scale is another important part of goal setting. Parkinson’s Law states that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.". So, with that in mind if you say you will clean the house in a day, it will likely take all day however if you say you will do it in the next 2 hours it will equally take you 2 hours. Think of how many things you have procrastinated until last minute only to find yourself rushing to finish.

Visualisation is another tool that is powerful! I like to use mood boards or images and have them where I can see them every day. This is not only highly motivating but can really help focus on the goal in place.

Adaptability is another important part of achieving goals and being ok with small setbacks, it feels easy to give up when times get hard so sometimes you will need to adjust it and move on, instead of being too hard on yourself.

With all of this in mind, keeping tabs on your goals and tracking them in whichever way suits you is important. I for one like to keep track using a diary instead of apps on my phone however the latter may work better for you.

And finally, remember to reward yourself for your achievements. There’s nothing wrong with a little positive reinforcement. Maybe you want to get yourself a little treat or treat yourself to some self-care.


So, to summarise

Stop making it an Option

Set a time scale

Visualise your goal

Be Adaptable

Keep track of your progress

Treat yourself



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