Changes in 2022

With all of the newness happening here lately, I would LOVE to go through the changes that Woman Kynd® has gone through since January! Firstly, the most significant change (besides the fresh new logo) is the packaging; stepping away from clamshells and going back to using wax melt moulds initially was a scary and expensive step. But I knew in my heart that the clamshells didn't feel right (as convenient as they are), and I knew that 2022 would be the year to take a step closer to being a more sustainable brand.

Glassine Bags
For packaging wax melts, I was able to test more sustainable packaging options and found that glassine bags were the best due to their durability, size and ability to store. The other benefit was that the wax didn't visibly smear on the inside of the packaging, which as a perfectionist, would be off-putting for me. Wax melts are now also much more manageable than bulky half-empty clamshells. The other benefit is the fact that they are home compostable and recyclable.

Bio Glitter
The first change probably went completely unnoticed in January 2022, when I invested in various biodegradable glitters. I was surprised by how shiny they were in comparison to others. But, of course, each wax melt must be unique and beautiful as a brand, so there was no sacrifice.
To learn more about BioGlitter click here

Reducing Plastic Packaging
The first step to removing plastic from the postal packaging was when Woman Kynd® began back in September 2020, where soluble packing peanuts have always been used to keep the order contents safe. However, this year I went a step closer and decided to stop using poly bags on the packaging, which were recyclable but completely unnecessary. Instead, all bubble wrap is given a second life and is reused, as well as most boxes where possible. In addition, all elements of the packaging are recyclable.

If there are any other ways you could recommend to me for becoming more eco-friendly as a brand, I would LOVE to hear it, so leave a comment, pop me an email at or dm me on social media @thewomankynd.




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